Reasons for this site

The main reason why I set up henrybradley-dot-com (apart from how easy it is to be reached now) is for a source of information that I have gathered while searching the web for a particular topic. When I was travelling to Brussels in July 2001 I found a lot of stuff ont he web, but it wa shard going to trawl through it all. Once I'd been searching for a few days I'd a good list of the decent stuff, and knew my way around pretty much.

Now, if everyone looking for something ont he web would collate one topic, and share it with others, we'd all be better off and be able to find those useful sites so much quicker. So, here's the call - whatever topic you're searching - if you find a decent site - let me know and I'll try and include it in the Oriface.

I do know the Oriface is a little sparce at the moment, but all I need is help. C'mon, give it a go folks. woi.gif (185 bytes)

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