Reception Photos

cake1.jpg (22966 bytes)

Time to cut the cake


cake2.jpg (20750 bytes)Looking a bit Psycho with that knife Joanne !!!!


Still, you were lucky you got it before this weirdo :-)

(and his spooky mates in the window).

Mycake.jpg (26673 bytes)


reception2.jpg (24667 bytes)

"Honesty, I'm not checking out your cleavage" - Ollie.    "Cleavage, did someone mention cleavage ??" - Greg

reception1.jpg (27912 bytes)

Grubs up Mates !!!

reception3.jpg (26071 bytes)

Starting to fade ???

reception4.jpg (21494 bytes)

No chance - just needed to keep on moving.

reception5.jpg (24008 bytes)

Running away from scary 'singing' Irish people.

tired.jpg (22309 bytes)

Starting to look a bit weary !!


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